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We've now got a meta-game! A reason to keep going, and interesting things to discover beyond the campaign.

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Big update today! This marks our first step toward Cannon Brawl's meta-game and toward bringing you more new pilots and buildings. Now we'll be able to start unleashing a lot of secret stuff that we've been working away on. Yep, even more cool stuff for the future!

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The Armory is here!

Press 'z' to get to it from the main menu. You can now use your XP earned in Nightmare Mode and Multiplayer to unlock new pilots and buildings. So far we've only got one new thing to unlock, but we'll be adding more in future updates. Our first new unlock is…

New Pilot: The Task Master

Unlock her from the aforementioned armory to try out her commander power: every 40s the Task Master can cancel a building’s cooldown and use it immediately. Probably combos well (maybe too well) with the Warhead... reduce the active cooldown of a building by 30s. So if the current cooldown is under 30s, you can then use it right away!

By Popular Request: Configurable Keyboard Controls

For all you folks interested in wasd, ijkl, tfgh, or whatever you can now set that up from the settings screen. Note that if you change your default keys, the key hint images in game will be hidden (since they're for the default controls).

Also, we've added a 'Show Map' button during Army Select so players (especially during the campaign) can see the map while their picking their pilot and buildings.

Warhead gets a big tuning change, big thanks to ChessCitten for the design suggestions and testing. This should be an interesting design direction to explore with the warheads, since they're much more effect against buildings, and less about rush spamming the HQ. As you play, let us know what you think:
- Warhead now costs 60/35/30
- Warhead damaged increased to 20/25/50, although they do 50% damage to HQs
- Warhead speed decreases as it is leveled up
- Warheads have no damage scaling when destroyed until they’ve reached half health
- Decreased Uncle’s ramming spike cooldown to 35s from 40s.

Fixed rare bug where sometimes one player would end up waiting forever on the army select screen due to a mis-timed ready message.

That's all for this update! You can keep up-to-date by following us here, on facebook, or twitter!

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