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Quick info about development. Allow me to introduce you to your sword. Yes, your loyal blade...

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Hi! I wish I could inform you more about the game with more news, unluckily there wasnt much time to develop anything lately. Still I guess it's time to release very first dev update on whole thing.

Firebrand gemstone
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adds fire attribute to your sword and creates/launches a fireball upon a slash.

So at least allow me to introduce you to your sword. Yes, your loyal blade... You will have your sword whole game, so no, no equip that allows you to equip something else. You can however place a gemstones into your sword grip which ehnance your sword's attributes.

Venom gemstone
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adds poison attribute to your sword and while this gemstone is equipped its wearer can't get poisoned.
(does not nullify already active poison status). Looks like if she's painting the wall... with Poison!

There will be 6 gemstones (chain gemstone (whip effect which greatly increases range), firebrand, venom gemstone.... etc.) besides swappable sub weapons. You may find this number very low, but I am inspired by old castlevanias (SNES), where wasn't ton of weapons either. There are relics which grant you some extra abilities as well so stay tuned for more informations. This is my after-work hobby (if I have free time) so I will be glad if I move forward with this somehow. I will inform you as soon as some major progress will happen!

*All mentioned/displayed material is work in progress and may change.

Excuse my English as it is not my native language. I will hire help for translation, this may however... I will wait with this information till dev update #99.

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