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In this I discuss everything I've added and changed so far.

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Hello everyone, its been around 6 months since I've posted anything about my game so i decided to let you all know what I've added and changed in my game Crawling Dungeon so far. These changes are not in any downloadable version and will most likely not be accessable until I release the beta, in the meantime i hope you enjoy the alpha that is available and I hope you all like the changes and additions to Crawling Dungeon.

1. Wolves range extended so mage can't snipe them
Previously the mage could stand out of range of the wolf enemies and kill them, I have extended the detection range of the wolves so this is no longer possible.

2. Re-layered some objects
Nothing major but some things like the mage's lightening attack would appear under the enemy but now it will appear above it.

3. Some bosses health increased
They felt too quick and easy to kill so I gave the bosses more health to make the fights go longer, once I start making the boss rushes the bosses will have enough health that the fight should last about the time it takes you to get through a dungeon and kill the boss.

4. 1 new Dungeon
I have added a new dungeon to the 5 that were there to add more content.

5. New enemies - Skeletons, Red Slimes
The new dungeon features skeletons with bows and some red slimes to aid them.

New enemy - skeletons

6. New Boss - The 4-Armed Skeleton
I have created a new boss for the end of the new dungeon for players to fight.

New boss - The 4-armed Skeleton

7. Gold/Money system, allows player to pick up gold, no way to spend it yet
I have added a system for players to be able to get some gold after defeating a boss, however the way the gold will be spent has not been implemented yet, I know what I'm going to make for gold to be spendable but thats for endgame.

8. Player now recieves full health after beating a boss
Once you defeat a boss you will recieve full health, this way you arent going to the next dungeon with low health.

9. Player gets teleported to a reward room after beating a boss for a reward
Instead of being teleported into town the player gets teleported to a room with a chest to reward the player with some gold that will be spendable at end game.

Chest not openChest open

10. A simple save system that saves your characters level and gold amount
This is the biggest and best change I have done. I have created a save system so the player can save there characters level and the amount of gold they have. It is not class locked yet so you could level a mage, save and then load the level and gold on an assassin for example. Class locking is something I have planned for the full release.

Save and load

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