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A quick internal interview with Lead-Developer Daniel about some first impressions and facts about "The Source" and further plans in development.

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The Source is still in development progress, what can player’s expect from your title?
– At first, I guess we’re at a point to say we’re going to have a good and solid game, we work hard to bring in some great graphics with a focus on real environment. There are lots of tiny things we added and scripted to get the players the right atmosphere. But we’re also focusing on a realistic gameplay experience, this means we want the player to think about his/her next steps, just like in real life, you will have to take care about so many things like your weapon status, your interactions with NPC and so on. There are many key facts which will bring some realistic gameplay into “The Source”.

According to other sources and media within the indie community, the game will have different scenarios of landscape types, are they based on real locations?
– We took lot of time into creating our levelmaps and we have collected lots of impressions based on real places and locations, but our levelmaps are “just” inspired and not based on real places, we decided to take all of the materials on photo and other sources we had and created our own levelsets.

During some earlier posts on your website, yetanotherIndie also stated that a possible build on Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox are planned, do you still have those plans on your schedule and if so, any details about it?
– Yes, we have stated that we might also have plans in developing and releasing our game to Xbox and Playstation 4, but I also want to be sure to follow our current development plans which focus on PC release, there are still plans about a further build version for PS4 and Xbox and we have a positive feedback from Microsoft, being able to join the Developers program. But as I said, we will follow our current plan in developing and release of the PC version, after we have our first feedback from the gamer community, we will see about our other platform plans.

The Source currently not uses popular crowdfunding platforms like some other titles, especially within the indie-developer community. Why not getting use of such platforms like Kickstarter etc?
– We had some internal discussions about getting our game to crowdfunding, but at the moment we still rework and rethink our options with crowdfunding, it’s possible we will join crowdfunding at some later stage.

While VirtualReality like Oculus Rift, SteamVR and others are going to be an important factor of reality experience within games, will “The Source” also support VR?
– On a base of engine related, our game will have support for the most common VR systems, but as this is also a matter of time and support or feedback from the designated companies of those systems, we currently are not planning to add VR support in the near future. Which will not mean we don’t add it at a later time.

Like many others, yetanotherIndie is going to focus on a Steam distribution for PC systems, with attention to Steam’s latest changes in their refund policy, what are your thoughts about some indie-developers now getting some kind of afraid?
– We will surely watch the situation on Steam but at this point and moment of situation, I’m not having any doubts about the Steam policy. We all work hard and with passion on our development like so many other indie-developers and I’m sure, if you will bring in the necessary effort and time to create and release a great game, the community of gamer’s will appreciate our work.

Is there a fixed date for a final release version of “The Source”?
– As I said, we still have our roadplan on development and currently we still have to work as much as we can effort on time beside our fulltime jobs. Currently our plan considers a closed beta at the end of this year, depending on the feedback of closed beta testers we will publish our further schedule regarding the release plans.

author: Adam Madison from yetanotherIndie. Follow Adam on Twitter

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