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a lot of questions that I have been asked recently...

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Hello All,

As I type this, this game has reached the 31st place and we have not been this high in the charts for quite some time now so thanks for your support. I would like to talk about one of the biggest questions I have been asked over the last two days and I will try to give you an answer. People have been asking me: "How is it text based AND 3D?" or "How are you going to cross text and 3D?"

No More Pain is focused as a text-based horror game because when you are reading something, the pictures are in YOUR mind as oppose to mine and because of this, each of you truly get a terrifying experience in the game. Some of you might have heard in the previous No More Pain Dev News there was going to be a side-story entitled the "Fifth Dimension". This story takes place in a dark, fog filled forest and follows the story of the man who previously owned the players haunted house. This man and the Entity must survive in the forest of the Demented as they each try to hunt each other down.
In this story, you will be playing in a full 3D environment with realistic graphics. The reason for this is that, if it were text-based, then you would be limited as to how you tracked down the Entity. However, because of it being 3D, you can now truly face the horrifying Entity AND the forest of the demented as each of them try to twist your mind and slowly break you down... in real life!

After posting about this game being in 3D, I got a couple of people asking me if this will be implemented into the Dreamcast version of the game also. The answer to this is a simple No. I would love to have the 3D aspect of the game in the Dreamcast version but it simply cannot handle the rendering of this level.

I Hope This Answered Your Questions,

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