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Here is a quick discussion on the story lines that will be included in the Dreamcast Edition.

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So, Since my recent port to the Dreamcast, I have decided that because of the Dreamcasts lack of memory, I would need to make it slightly different to the PC Version. A new story line is being weaved into the DC Version of the game, It will take place in the players house 40 years before they moved in. You will play as the previous owners and will discover some of your worst nightmares.

The map for the DC Version of the game will not be as big as that of the PC version despite it being the same house as the PC version. Also, users will not be able to go to the 5th Dimension area.

Unfortunately due to my new game engine being in alpha, as mentioned in a previous dev news, I will need to talk to the developer(s) behind it to see if they can implement the DC files so that I can build the game directly from the engine.

Now, about the publishing, the DC version of the game will be bought through the Evil Waters Marketplace and you can have the DCEdition posted to you within 3-4 working days. Prices are still to be confirmed.

For those of you whom are hardcore, old-school PC gamers, you can also purchase a limited edition PC Version of the game that comes with some unique features and visual enhancements...

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P.S - I know that a lot of you do not really know what the Sega Dreamcast is but I assure you that a quick Google search will reveal the answer.

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