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New game mechanics, context sensitive deaths, other stuff!

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Alright, so first up: There's a new build at game jolt, fixing some bugs and making the save system actually work properly. Check it out here:

Also, check it out. The alpha build is available for Windows 8.1 PCs / Tablets:

And now for the developer's log:

I got a lot of positive comments and criticism for the alpha, and was able to fix a lot of bugs I wouldn't have otherwise known about. Thank you to everyone who was playing it and delivering feedback, I truly appreciate it.

So what's new?

New game mechanics, that's what! Let's go through them:

Silver keys, collecting these causes the conveyor belts to reverse directions. Makes for some nifty little backtracking levels like this:

User Posted Image

I've shown off water before, but only in a blurry vine. Water's premise is simple, slows you down. It also makes you jumps higher, and your bounces. It also makes for some great precision based stages, since you have more time to gauge your jumps. Have a look here:

User Posted Image

I've got some stages plan that basically call for wall jumping using this bouncy-ness.

Last up! Magnetic platforms, these are simple: Hit the blue part, you stick. Don't, and you bounce off, probably to your death. This stage explains that:

User Posted Image

Also, while I don't have any screenshots of it I also added some context sensitive death flavour text. You some randomized messages depending on what caused your death. Some instances include:

'Spikes to meet you'

Just to name a few, there's gonna be a lot of them when all is said and done.

Anyways, that's it for now, let me know what you think and all that. Thanks!

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