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Dev Log of Version 0.0.0 of Project DG, we set up all of the basic LWJGL aspects with VBO's and other stuff essential to actually drawing something on the screen!

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Project DG 0.0.0 DEV LOG

The first "playable" version, or basically version that presents anything on the screen :D.
We decided to use LWJGL and Java as our game development environment as it is what we are most familiar with and know we can use to the fullest. This version had keyboard implementation, in which the "A" key and "D" key are used to move the character left and right.
We also drew the "TomChick" character from an old game of ours, made for the android platform, just as a place holder. Everything regarding to assets will most likely be "borrowed" from our older projects, as our artists are working on new sprites for us!

If you are interested in learning more about our project, make sure that you visit our website
or visit us on Facebook!

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