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Hey everyone from moddb ! First of all we would like to thank everyone who is supporting this project, and a big thanks to all the concept artists who is helping us with this huge project ! You truly are making the game to come alive. And its time again for a new dev-log. This time we will share our moments during developing and to tell you all that your input means alot to us.

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So many things have happened since our last dev-log a couple of days ago. We have tons of new artwork and a big suprise ! our sponsors made it able to get the Cryengine !
And its sure helping us with the development. things are going way faster then expected.

But for some people, Yes you see the word Cryengine, and some or most people think of Crysis. a game that asks alot of hardware power, well for those who had trouble dont worry ! we made sure that everyone can play this game even if you have a low lod computer.

But that being said, its time for the dev -log.
As above, we worked on our new engine to make sure everyone can play it. And a test level has been created to test all the models and effects ( weapons and magic).

A ton of artwork is ready, and we will show them to you very soon.
The teaser trailer is also in development ! .

Few days ago, i posted a couple of questions, of what we shall input in the game, and we decited to do all of them, You get fully healed when resting, bosses have a intro movie and a die movie.
So far my email is getting swarmed by emails of questions and input, and i would like to share that each and one of them will be reviewed ! one of those questions and input are : Will there be a sort of transportation in the game? and the answer is yes ! the game uses different styles of transportations like demonoid horses, and motorcycles !

another question or rather input was: I would like to see different classes of magic. is that possible?
Well we began the game with the idea OK there are that many spells good luck. but the class system for magic really sounds like a good idea and therefor we inputted that into the project. There are 3 classes, Support, Extreme magic and balanced. During the hole game it is possible to change class for a price.

and as last: Are there different ways to complete quests?
Well absolutely yes ! some quests even have more then 6 ways to complete it ! and each way has their own reward and bonus.

So again, i would like to thank everyone for sending questions and input ! they mean alot to us.
afterall you will be playing it ! so we better do our best to make this game as fun as possible.

And for some who noticed, at the beginning when i posted this project on moddb, it said, pc, linux and Xbox ! that is changed now ! now we will support PC, linux, mac, xbox and ps3 !

And be sure to watch totalpcgames magazine ! this project will be in the magazines ! with a litle extra content !

well that was it for dev-log number 2.
One thing we would like to share is that we are still looking for more concept artists and modellers ! so are you interested to pimp your portfolio or are you looking for more experiance, then feel free to send a email to

More updates coming next week ! so stay tuned !

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