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An update. Just some new things I have been up to with the game.

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I was so burnt out, I did some work, but I'm afraid it has bugs. I will get those fixed ASAP. After my mum gets the doritos, mtn dew, and the CoD AW. Here's some more text because indiedb is forcing me to have 300 characters. I should've uploaded this to gamejolt. gfhreghpreghpre9ghre9gjr0gjr0gjrghegh8gh84ugjijdkgm4igjiremjgiemrig njrgjrogirjeg0jpa gri jgri gj gjr0[ei gorae gjrgjrigjrigjorigj-qaekt954it9hk7jl0k 07u67-jp056 0jekl9JR 67 gr8 hugrnjo60 85yuih4jw58yu8yu54886054 845tuignjr a90gj rojehnrtu4gjgaybuttsex w89efwfj8f f jf9e fjreugjah[5hj au. Is that enough? I think it is.

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