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A feature on the Anglo-Saxon Footman, the basic melee unit for the defenders.

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Hey All,

As promised, here is the Anglo-Saxon Footman, the bread-and-butter unit for the defenders. Enjoy!


Well-equipped soldiers who rely on discipline and coordination to pummel the enemy

Dashing Shield Bash (min. range 4 meters, max range 15 meters target ally or enemy squad, 20 second cooldown)

  • Dash to the enemy and stun for 2.5 seconds.
  • Any enemies encountered will be knocked to the side and slowed to 60% movement for 2 seconds

Equipment: short sword, kite shield, and medium armor
Strengths: low cost; effective in large numbers; high armor; can overwhelm other lightly armored targets
Weaknesses: low damage individually; low health; slow movespeed

And for the final render:

As always, thanks for the feedback. We look forward to showing you some sweet footman animations and, in a couple of weeks, a Vikingr vs. Footman showdown.


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