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Im just giving a small overview of the whats happening with the game to keep you informed as I approach closer and closer to completion.

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Since my last update, a lot has been done with the game. I'm putting the pieces together and connection the segments to make the game whole. Most of the work I've been doing lately and will be doing for the next few weeks is the dull but necessary for the game. There isn't too much visual to show for it, but its a lot of menu building and adding limitations for the process of playing the game. There has also been an extensive amount of bug fixing and will be in the future.

I have a tight schedule, but If all continues as it is now, I should be able to finish Ravager by the end of August. It will soon be released for Windows on Steam. Other versions I am not so sure about.

Due to my tight schedule, I've had to cut a few things out. Some of these things may be added to the game as post-release content to give some replayability and longevity to the game, but this is dependent on the success of the game. What I cut out wasn't ready to be released and was not necessary for the games core experience. It was more of just fluff.

The process is still slow and it's been a grind to get through. It's quite a hassle having to deal with constant file corruptions from Game maker Studio as well as the fact that the file for Ravager is so large, it takes 10-20 minutes just to test it one time. Once the game is released, it won't take as long because that time will be done in a one time installation, so don't worry.

My only concern is that the file corruption doesn't affect the consumers. I can run the game one time, and it will be broken, then run it again without changing anything and it will work. It's inconsistent and there must be something outside interfering with it.

Regardless of these challenges, Ravager is on track and although I am a one person development team, I believe I've finally reached my goal.

Thank you, Horse Beverages (Nikhil Tailor)

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