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Our game changes as of May 17th, 2017 are as followed.

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So we’ve been working on a lot of the polish. We’re trying to gear up to at least have a single area completely finished by the time we let a few members of our community in to try it out. The first area is called Snowvale, and it is our official ‘testing’ town. It has quests, monsters, vendors and shops for us to test out. Once we have this testing area finished, we’ll begin to tackle more and more content as we move on down the development line towards our MVP. With that being said, here are our changes for this week.

Game Changes

  • Changed the way names work
  • Added recruitable followers. These followers will be there to help you get through PvE content. They will not be usable in PvP or Guild Battles.
  • Fixed summoning
  • Overhauled the combat system. It is now more robust and expandable.
  • Overhauled the skills tab. Skills can now be equipped by dragging and dropping them onto your hot bar.
  • Added a battle menu, akin to games like Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Changed the in-battle UI to be more friendly and intuitive.
  • Overhauled the battle AI
  • Added a feature where monsters names will appear differently depending on your level.
    • Green for under leveled
    • White for similar level
    • Yellow for above level
    • Red for way above level
  • Overhauled the quest system to be more robust and expandable. It now supports quest chains, level requirements, and quest requirements.
  • Changed how quest pointers appear above NPCs. They now only appear to you and will change if the quest is active or not.
  • Several back-end fixes to improve performance at different resolutions
  • Completely overhauled the chatbox, it now supports multi-channels.
  • Added a feature to the chatbox to alert you when someone speaks in another channel. The channel will blink red.
  • Added support for monsters with sprites larger than 64×64. They now occupy multiple tiles in-battle.

Website Changes

  • Overhauled the forums to look better. They are now in sync with the rest of the website.
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