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Just giving a small recap of the new events coming up while working on the bosses

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Hey Guys, its been a while since I've done a dev log so I thought that now that I have made some significant progress, I should talk about it.

If you head over to the images section you can see i've done some profiling for all of the bosses that will be in the game. There will be a total of 7 bosses. I've worked hard to try and give a unique experience with different methods to fighting off the bosses.

Progress has been slow lately and I've only just recently gotten back to working on Ravager. I've still yet to code the spirit nymph boss and the Nidhoggr boss, but that's it. Ravager right now is a whole bunch of finished pieces. What I must do is finish the parts that connect them all.

The problem is I've been having significant problems with the software. Files keep corrupting or it doesn't run properly, sometimes making me waste hours just trying to find the corrupted file and remove what was wrong with it to get my game functioning again. Gamemaker studio is a great software but its recently been quite a struggle. I've sometimes had to go back to my old backup save files because the modern version wasn't working. That required me to redo some work that i've already done, wasting so much more time. Being athe only member of this development team, besides music, progress is really slow and with these complications it only makes it more frustrating. Still, I am grinding through it and still making progress. I want to try and release Ravager by the end of the summer and am rushing a bit cause I won't get so much time to work in the future. I do not want that to diminish the quality of the game so I am trying my best. There may be another delay to the release date. I will also need time to get people to test it adequately and then patch all the bugs. There won't be an open beta, sorry.

Progress is still looking good despite the challenges and I hope to show you more of the game in the future.

Thanks, Horse Beverages (Nikhil Tailor)

If you have any feedback on the images shown, please feel free to share.

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