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The Content Drought is on the way out and we have a lot of news to report in the second dev log, including a group of new features and fixes we've done since our last update.

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Starting off the dev log, I apologize for the long content drought, it was unavoidable. We didn't have access to a scanner to upload high quality images for game design use, and so we had to wait to continue large scale development, mainly in storyline and battler areas. Thankfully that has changed and we are attempting to make up for the two month dry period with some more content. The public demo is not likely to be finished any time soon, and I have chosen to withhold from a release until I polish more of the game.

New Features and In Progress

  • Ingame Time and Day/Night Cycle: This one took me a while to put together, but the game now has an internal clock which also allowed a Day/Night cycle to be implemented. I have many ideas in store for this feature, which I will show off as time goes on.
  • Planar Binding Ritual: A little mechanic that will allow the player to use Ritual Crystals to visit pocket dimensions, hidden Realms, and even visit the Primal Plane, a realm where the Elemental Plane collides with the Mortal Realm. This one is still in development, but I can't wait to get further in depth with it.
  • Quest System: It's about time we got started on this. With this system, the Player will be able to take quests and go on adventures for special gear, world secrets, and of course, gold. Lots and lots of gold. We haven't quite gotten to this, as we're still working on the finishing touches of the Day Night Cycle.
  • New Battle Animations: I am currently creating new battle animations for the player and for monsters, though this will take time to update from the Default graphics of the RPG Maker Engine.


Completed Features

  • Death Curse System: Praise the lord, it's done. This system defied any logical means of taming it, so I had to delve into the dark powers of the abyss... into the realm of scripting. Thankfully I met someone who actually knows what they're doing, Wavelength from the RPG Maker Forums, and finally dealt a deathblow to the Death Curse's ancient bugs. I am pleased to say his solution has pretty much allowed the system to be completed. Were it not for him, I would have had to remove it from the game to let the game development move forward.
  • Markstone Teleportation: This is pretty much the saving grace that has kept me alive when death would had assuredly come for me thanks to the Death Curse. The Markstone is a item which allows the player to teleport to towns they have visited, and can really save the player time on their return trip from a triumphant dungeon run.

Future Plans

I'm going to go ahead and close this segment off soon, as it is kind of late as of the time of me finishing this post, but thanks for reading. The current plan is to finish the Day Night system, then move on to developing Side Quests and create a mission log of some sort, so people know what they're doing. I'll have to brainstorm that a bit. Further revamps to the Hanaru Village are likely, perhaps even a Guild Hall will be implemented. I have plenty of ideas, but what I'll actually do will remain unclear until I sit down and do it.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, see ya.


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