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In this edition of Dev Log, I'll be talking about some more updates as well as new features.

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Welcome to Dark Moonlight! An adventure RPG based around a particular young fighter who's trying to undo the damage caused by his father's past-reign of terror in the island of Sasayai(Uniteresting, maybe). Today, I'm going to update you on evrything I've added and changed since our last update plus I'll reveal some new features. And without me rambling on any more, let's get started with what I have to talk about.

New features

First off, I added the first major conflict you have with Kai Ito. After you complete Ryoko Town, you'll eneter upon the courtyard of Ryoko Castle, one of Kai Ito's many fortresses. Once you enter the courtyard, you are confronted by Kai ito and his men on the roof. After some chit-chat, he taunts you to come inside. Once you enter the actual castle, you'll find that it is crawling with Kage Troop grunts, along with some random encounters of blobs and bats. While inside, you will need to find the 3 Cintrol Keys in order to move on to the next task. These are scattered around the castle, so be watchful. Once you defeat all of the enmies and obtain all 3 Control Keys, you can head up to the rooftop and finally confront Kai Ito. The rest is secret, you'll just have to wait.

I've added in pubs to most areas, which can be found near Inns. These pubs will be like any other, the bartender will sell you alcohol even though Kiyoshi is underage(Note: I do not condone nor endorse underage drinking). However, consuming the drinks you buy from pubs will afflict you with certain status aliments that may last into a battle. They will also drain HP. You can enter the backrooms of these pubs and find some hidden documents useful to the story. Do note that when you enter the backrooms, you can not reenter the pub from the same door you came into the backroom with. You must exit out the backdoor and reenter from the frontdoor. Other than that, that's all I've updated.

New features

Along with some new features, I updated the menu from the basic RMVXA menu to a more interactive one. I did this using Nicke's Menu Delux script(which can be found here). It adds a few new options such as spells, collected items counter, step counter, game time, battle count, and more. It also has a quicksave and quickload function. This adds more interactivity aside from the basic menu.

New features

Up next, I'll work on adding a quests system were you can take up quests in order to gain EXP and items, along with gold and other things. Some of these quest will affect the story, so they will play an important role in the game.


  • Added optional tutorial level
  • Added treasure chests and hidden items
  • Removed Formation option in menu
  • Allowed free-saving
  • Enemies may drop items
  • Added Kage Troop
  • Added hunger & thirst meter
  • Ability to be robbed in your sleep
  • On-map enemies created
  • Season and Night-Day Cycle added
  • Four Elemental Spirits appear
  • Nati Usuguri tells her true story
  • Ryoko Town added
  • Ryoko Castle added
  • More story content
  • Updated menu
  • Added pubs and hidden items
  • Added letter and book entries
  • Johnny Law catches up to you...

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