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Change game design about Remove gold system, Add ammo limit. New monster : Minotaur (Demo) This is sixth Dev Log of Under the Farm.

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Hi Guys!

We greet you with our 17th devlog. There were various things during the 17th week, here is the summary.

1. Remove gold system, Add ammo limit
2. Graphic renewal
3. New monster : Minotaur

Change game design

From the last week, game design part is in a period of upheaval. I try to make various attempts to improve the fun of the game.

Remove gold system

It is quite stressful to earn gold to buy items, We had to go back to the rooms that were visited, to collect more gold. It was tedious and meaningless. That's not what we expected for our core fun of game. So we decided to eliminate the gold from game.

The concept of the shop owner has been changed to the quartermaster, Now the power-ups were offered by free (not by buying).

The constraint of choosing only one of the three has not disappeared. But no longer being stressed by gold, you can now gain one power-up per level.

In the case of consumable items that were previously available in gold, it has been changed to purchase with beat coin.

Limit ammo

Last week, a change in the gun system caused magazines and loading to disappear from game and make players can unlimited firing. Thanks to it, we did not have the stress of loading and it makes UtG more pleasant action game, but we concluded that there is a little difference with our desired direction.

We have decided to limit the total amount of ammunition to prevent unlimited raids and to manage the ammunition strategically. But the magazine system will not come back. The bullet can be dropped with a certain probability by killing the enemy. (If the bullets run out, you should use melee attacks.)

We will continue to experiment and change over time. :)

Graphic Renewal

We are experimenting with various graphics to raise the quality of the dungeon and to highlight the 3D characteristics of the game.

The floor-system was changed from tile-map to whole-map. Based on PBR, we are experimenting with mixing a little bit of realistic style and widening the viewing angle for a sense of space.

So please continue to give us a lot of feedback.

New monster : Minotaur

All the monsters that appeared in the meantime, they launched a projectile to attack.

For the first time, the monster which attacking the player through the attack method, "Minotaurs" has been added.

Minotaurs, with its stunning character that pushes against everything, will be a threat to you all over the dungeon with its powerful stamina based powerful dash.


Add map icon

We already have temporary icons, but we have added a map icon to make it easier to identify quests, NPCs, and items.

Minor bug fixes

We fixed some bugs we found during testing.

- Fixed a bug where monsters could not find the way properly
- Troubleshooted the problems that are difficult to pass through side doors
- Objects pass through bullets only the firing from a particular direction


As game design changes are applied to the game,
UtF is becoming a more and more unique game.
Co-op mode is also cruising and you'll be able to see it soon :)


Today, we introduce the story of a new NPC Naive Nuts, that will be deployed at the supply base.

The 'Naive Nuts' are three brothers made up of an eldest brother and younger twins. They always keep their smile and try to think positive. Sometimes it is a little overkill, but they are mostly bright and pleasant crop humans.

These guys can walk around the dungeon without getting caught by the monsters because of the inconspicuous small mass. They sell various items gathered in that way in the supply base. One day, after we demolishes the demons, they want to build a big mixnut theme park on the ground.

Please cheer these friends' dreams!! :)


What about instead of Gold you can find something like Diamonds (drop rate is medium to high) and purcahse Items with them for like 2-3 Diamonds?

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AppetizerGames Author

Thanks for feedback :)
Yeah you're right! It'll be a good design!!
We are planning a similar system now.

That is "beat coin" system.
If you beat enemy with final melee attack,(or by some other rules) you can get "beat coin". And purchase items or some buffs, additionally.
(You can get two Powerups by free from Quartermaster and Quest)

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Hello devs! I want to start by saying that this is a fun and somewhat addicting game, even in its early stages of development! Great work. I love the style and music you've developed for it so far and hope to see more updates. I did a Let's Play video of it, if you want to see what an average player's experience is like: -- Please let me know if you do not want this video on YouTube.

I encountered a few minor "bugs" in the visuals, which is completely understandable at this point and I am sure you will fix them eventually. Here is a list of bugs and feedback.

1. Sometimes after respawning I would see a dialogue box in the bottom left corner with the word "Sell?" visible. Either there is a shop keeper/Quartermaster I never found in that direction or the dialogue was showing up when it shouldn't be. Appears at 17:20 in the video.

2. During respawning there was a dialogue for "Extended Magazine" in green, and the Old Revolver text is replaced with "Default Gun" while the gun image is different from the Old Revolvers. This can be seen at 17:09 in the video and other places where I respawn.

3. Breaking the crates with the decorative covering on top will leave the decorative covering floating where the crate once was. This can be found around 18:50.

4. A minor discrepancy, but you call the Q ability "Bombs" in the text at spawn and "Shout" in the tips at the bottom of the screen. Also in the text at spawn you say "Shot" which would make more sense grammatically as "Shoot"

5. During one play through I reached Level 2, pressed V to Level Up, and "Shoot Speed" upgrade was missing. I wasn't recording at the time.

1. I would personally like to have a way to restore lost hearts. Maybe a low spawning health refill (worth 1/2 heart each?) or a Quartermaster item that I can purchase with Beat Coins to refill some or all health. I don't think I found the Quartermaster in my gameplay, so maybe this is already implemented. More hardcore players may not like this idea. I am guessing the way you regain health at this point is by clearing the entire stage? EDIT: I played more and see this is implemented.

2. I notice you do have an indicator when the player is hit, but sometimes I wouldn't even notice I took damage because I was so focused on the enemies themselves and not my character. I suggest a more noticeable indicator for damage taken to let the player know.

3. This may already be implemented. When out of ammo, enemies slain by melee could have a higher chance of dropping ammo than usual.

Again, I love the animations and style you have. The way the farmer moves is so much fun. The boss Skeleton has so much personality, it's great. And I understand if not all feedback aligns with your vision for the game.


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AppetizerGames Author

Hi xTechnoCatx !!
Thank you so much for your detail feedback and youtube :D
Your youtube was so fun! I think you have talent.
You made my day.
I agree with all your feedback.
I'll try to fix the bugs and implement feedback.
Please keep watching this game getting better !

Appetizer Games.

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