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Site back up, Multi-language, Alpha info, Updated disclaimer

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Hey! I've decided to start calling news Dev Logs, because I really suck at making names and titles. Anyway, to the news:


Firstly, I would like to announce that I'm going to Austria for the Holidays (well.. a week early), so don't panic when the development stops for a week. Now, to the actual news:

Site back online

After short conversation with our site admin, I've managed to get the site working. Currently the site itself is pretty much empty (There's just main page), BUT I've made forums. There you can discuss almost anything, there are the Changelogs, and there you can contribute to the game with your creations.

Forums Link

More Languages

I've decided to add support for more languages. Like... ALL languages. Well, those you will help me with, anyway. This is the one thing I can still do on the vacation, allow you to access a Google Sheet, where you can translate. I will probably create one sheet for every language and then merge them.
This is how it will look like:
note: The other sheets will be freely editable, with backups. Also thanks to Google, we can revert any change so vandalism is illogical here.

Alpha Info

I need to be really quick, so:
Alpha is coming, in a short time. However, time is relative, so what for some may be a short wait, for some it may be eternity. Sorry for teasing you so much. I've finally got the Crafty Launcher System, which allows me to make the launcher and patches, but right now it either: I can release alpha with almost zero content, OR work on the game for another month or two, and make it work. I chose the latter.


- I've updated the legal section, and added some obvious things that are, from experience, not so obvious to some.

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