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So I'm just logging in as usually when I see something truly out of the ordinary.

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Hello There,

My name is Matt and I am the lead developer for this project. For those of you who don't know, game of engines is a game development toolkit for people who would like to make their own games. We offer a wide range of useful assets to help you create a next generation game. This article will be on the funding (sigh... again) and what i found to be a rather funny log in...

1. Welcome
Hello Again. As you might have noticed, somebody using Game Maker has accidently told this website that they have made their game using our state of the ark technology. Due to the fact nobody has the engine yet, I would highly doubt he made this using Game Of Engines. I will message him about the mistake immediately as his game does NOT represent the output of our product.

2. Funding
The indiegogo funding page is now up and I hope you will help out by purchasing some of the perks. I am afraid that I must stress - If we cannot get at least 50% of the money by July then this project will have to be put on hold and I will have to go back to the old days of using... RPG Maker. Noooo.
You can find the funding page here:

3. Apologies
Sorry if this has been short, full of spelling mistakes and makes no sense but I am extremely busy trying to get 1.3 ready because it will be the very last Alpha build before Beta (if we get to that). So, to sum this article up: Visit and help us out by at-least £1 / $1.

Thanks For Reading,

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