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A feature on the Vikingr Warrior unit for Rise of Valhalla.

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Dev Log #1

Hello All,

Today is our first dev log for Rise of Valhalla. Any and all feedback is welcome!

RoV is an attack/defense, multiplayer-only RTS-MOBA hybrid being developed for PC. Players will choose between the fierce Anglo-Saxons (defenders) or the mighty Vikings (attackers). They will have 15-25 minutes in a single match to fight for victory. Over the course of the battle, players will level-up, allowing them to upgrade their units and heroes, as well as increase the size of their army.

In today's dev log, we are going to look at the melee unit for the Vikings: the Vikingr Warrior.

Vikingr Warriors:

Mighty foot-soldiers, who utilize strength and skill at arms to crush their opponents

Leap Attack (target unit or ground, 15 second cooldown):
All Vikingr leap ahead (11 m) to close distance and strike fiercely.
They critically strike for 200% dmg with their weapons if they are within range of an enemy unit.
 Any units not within range will leap but not attack.
 Ability can target either a unit or ground.

Equipment: Hand-axe, round shield, light armor (furs and leather) & defensive charms (runes, animal teeth).
Strengths: Ample health, speed and damage, and magic resistance.
Weaknesses: Little armor, high point cost, short range melee.

The Vikingr are fast and brutal. They can close the distance on high-damage, ranged units with their leap ability (which can be upgraded to snare targets). They have roughly twice the health and damage of a single Anglo-Saxon Footman (the standard melee unit for the defenders), and they can kill low-armored targets within seconds.

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