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We've been a bit silent over the last couple of weeks, but that certainly doesn't mean we haven’t been working our tails off on a great new update. Comments and ideas welcome!

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Hobbies & Crafting

We’ve been a bit silent over the last couple of weeks, but that certainly doesn’t mean we haven’t been working our tails off on a great new update. We’ve talked a bit before about Hobbies and Crafting and wanted to go into more detail on how it all works. These new features are still in development and subject to change, but most of what is described below is already functionally in existence in our testing labs.


Hobbies will be a collection of great new fun and rewarding activities. Each hobby will be broken down into two component parts; gathering and crafting. We are working on hobbies incrementally so we’ll be pushing out one hobby at a time and each hobby will continue to grow over time as we add additional content.


Scavenging is the first hobby that we will be adding to NuVera Online. We were initially working on a collection system that has been abandoned for a more robust and interesting activity that will involve finding raw materials and using those items to craft furniture that can be placed in your private or public locations.

As explained above the Scavenger hobby breaks down into a separate gathering and crafting component.

The Scav-Scanner

The first step of the Scavenger hobby is aquireing a scav-scanner. Once you own a scav-scanner you can equip it from the hobbies interface. Equipping the scav-scanner will show its interface where you can place an extractor probe which will scan for materials.

If the scav-scanner detects something then it will light up green and move to the position of where it detected something.

Where to find items is relative to where you scan. This means scanning in town will yield things like cloth and nails, while scanning in the forest will yield items such as logs and stone. If the extractor probe found something then clicking it will show your results. If it doesn't find anything then it will light up red and you can move on and scan in another location.

You’ll earn experience in the scavenger hobby for finding items. Earn enough experience and you'll increase in your Scavenger level. You can sell off the items you find for Treasure Tokens or you can use those items in crafting.

Scavenger Crafting

Once you've scavenged up a bunch of materials you can further your scavenger hobby by crafting. Scavenger crafting focuses on creating furniture that can be placed in your home. As you level up you’ll gain access to more advanced recipes.

Crafting needs to be done while standing near an assembly table which is available in Sunset Isle. The assembly table can also be purchased and placed in your private/public locations.

Final Thoughts

The Scavenger hobby is the first of three hobbies we have planned. When we release the new Scavenger hobby the first 10 levels will be available. In further releases we’ll be adding additional levels and craftables. We also have plans for scav-scanner upgrades, dye-able crafted items and more.

We hope to have the Scavenger hobby out the door soon so keep an eye out!

Until next time… have fun out there.


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