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First Dev Diary.(There are many,many things to be added.)

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Hello guys.This is the first Dev Diary for VH.I will tell you my plans for the mod,and what has been added.



To be added:

-events,election events

-new leaders,generals

-national focis,and national spirits


Conservatives:They are lead by Viktor Orbán, the party's name is Fidesz-Magyar polgári szövetség(Hungarian Civic Alliance) Reactionaries:Changed the FKgP(Independent Smallholder's Party) to the KDNP(Christiandemocratic People's Party) lead by Zsolt Semjén. Fascists:Changed Jobbik's full name to Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom(Movement for Better Hungary),and their leader is Dávid Kovács(Will be replaced by Gábor Vona later on). Social Liberals: Added Viktor Szigertvári as the leader of Együtt(Together). Libertarians: Added Gábor Kuncze as the leader of SZDSZ(Alliance of Free Democrats). Socialists:Added Péter Medgyessy as leader. Progressivs:Added Bernadett Szél as the leader of LMP (Politics Can be different). Communists:Added Gyula Thürmer as the leader of the MMp(Hungarian Worker's Party). Social Democrats:Added Ferenc Gyurcsány as the leader of the MSZP(Hungarian Socialist Party). Nationalists:Added István Csurka As the leader of MIÉP(Hungarian Justice and Life Party). Monarchists:Added István Sharif Horthy as the Leader of the Horthysts.

(Also I'm open for suggestions.Feel free to suggest your idea(s)!)

horthy istv bpcsurka istvanThgy150Szl Bernadett 02Szigetvri Viktor let menete

Kovacs David2220px Semjen Zsolt Portrait220px Peter Medgyessy220px GaborKuncze220px Ferenc Gyurcsny Davos 2

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