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This post is dedicated towards our latest build and the University of Skövde game expo. We're a group of game dev. students and this is the eighth post in our (sort of) weekly Dev. Diary series. Check it out!

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Dev. Diary v0.8 - A release, an expo and the end

Hello IndieDB! Our ten weeks are up! We are officially done! Well, not really. But we’re done with the Game Project II course and our game is finished within the goals we set up for it. We do have plans on continuing work on the game during the summer, and perhaps even after that.

But! Fun stuff first, developer things second! We’re releasing our build today. Our finished build I suppose we could call it? But it really isn’t. Let’s call it a retail beta. A wonderful oxymoron. And you all can just download it from here and play it as much as you like!

That’s not all the fun stuff, we also have an interview to show you, from our game expo. Our wonderful project leader Christoffer and equally wonderful art lead Tekla was interviewed by Polygon’s own Ben Kuchera. The entire expo was pretty amazing for us, and this interview was just huge. To get this opportunity means so much to us. Check out the video below. I’ve time-stamped it at 2:09:28 for our interview, but you can also check out all the other cool games from the expo in the rest of the video!

But, like I said in the beginning, we want to continue working on the game during the summer. And what we want to achieve with the game is to finish two additional levels we’ve technically already finished, but have yet to polish, properly test and implement. On top of that we still have a lot of optimization work to do, we’ve only tested the game on so much hardware variation, and we can always make it run more smoothly. But, perhaps the biggest thing is we want to revamp the entire story presentation, and how this will be done will be a thing of discussion during the summer. All we agree on now is we’re not happy with how we presented the story.

Now I’m a bit sad to say this is a good bye for now, while we’ll still update you all through social media, our Facebook and Twitter, this Dev. Diary series will no longer be a regular weekly thing. We’ll see where this summer takes us, but either way we’d like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read our Dev. Diaries, who took the time to read our Story Serial, who took the time to test our alpha and give us feedback, who took the time to throw us a like or even a glance. No matter how big or small, all your support has been invaluable to us. Thank you from the Traveler team, Bag of Peaches.

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