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This post is dedicated towards our new build, logo and trailer, as well as the continued work before our final presentation. We're a group of game dev. students and this is the seventh post in our (sort of) weekly Dev. Diary series. Check it out!

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Dev. Diary v0.7 - New build, new trailer & new logo!

Hello everyone! This week’s Dev. Diary comes a little later than usual, we’ve had a lot to do and we felt we wanted to get the new gameplay trailer done before posting.

We’ve updated a lot of things in the project. The logo has been finalized, and we really like how it turned out! We also have a new build we sent in for Swedish Game Awards. We’re holding off on releasing a new build however since we’ll be creating a final one for the project on June 2nd, and we much rather give you all that one rather than the one we have now. As for that one being final, well, we’re discussing expanding the game further after the 2nd, but that’s a story for next week.

As for the current state of our build, we’re polishing a lot of the levels at this point. Swapping out certain meshes where needed, updating textures, graphical effects (at the moment we’ve having some issues with volumetric lighting, which is sadly absent from any of our gameplay trailers), regular flair and bugfixes. We’re well on track and we can’t wait to share our final build with you all next week.

Next week will also bring a few other interesting things to the table. We’ll be presenting our game during an expo held for Game Project II games at the University of Skövde come Tuesday, and at the expo Polygon’s own Ben Kuchera will be trying out all the games and interviewing a few select members from each group. All in all, pretty exciting stuff!

But! The most interesting part of what we’ve done for you is our new trailer! We released a similar one last week, but it was mostly a placeholder we made last minute for SGA. The new one is updated with our new logo, updated music, we’ve changed the transitions and swapped out a lot of the gameplay.


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