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This post is dedicated towards the feedback we got from our milestone presentation as well as our first alpha gameplay trailer. We're a group of game dev. students and this is the forth post in our (sort of) weekly Dev. Diary series. Check it out!

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Dev. Diary v0.4 - Milestone presentation & Trailer

Hello everyone, and once again welcome to our weekly Dev. Diary. Today’s a holiday over here in Sweden, I think it’s called May Day in English, but I'm not entirely sure? Nevertheless, we crunched hard Thursday and managed to get a working build for Friday, and while much is still in very early prototyping stages (I’m looking at you, character animations), we have some proper alpha gameplay footage to share, as well as some amazing in-game screenshots.

A posed screenshot of our protagonist

The reason for our crunch, which we mentioned in the last Dev. Diary, is the milestone presentation we held before a board of people from the Swedish game industry on Friday, and we got some positive as well as negative feedback.

Firstly, the positive feedback. Our heroine was well received and her representation as a strong and capable woman of colour was very appreciated. Although, we did get a proposition to change our heroine to a fifty-year-old woman instead, and while we’re perfectly happy with our current Travi, as we’re internally calling her, we’re not ruling out this idea.

Furthermore, we received praise for our current soundscape and vision for both music and environmental sounds, even though most of this is still in its very early phases and neither are final nor anything outside of prototype implementation. Still, we’re very happy we’ve managed to achieve something proper and fitting of the theme already.

As for the negative feedback, we mostly received questions regarding what our unique selling point is, and this is something we have struggled with. And sadly, our work towards our niche was not well presented on our part. We’re focusing on a fast-paced platforming adventure with puzzle aspects, and most of the challenge lies in the actual movement. We’ve looked to parkour and we’re using a momentum-based jump mechanic which means that the flow the player achieves, and the speed at which the player tackles and moves through the obstacles and puzzles is what makes it fun and possible. Without the momentum, the player loses speed and jump range making the obstacles harder. This way the game rewards speed and fluency in movement, which we believe creates a challenging gameplay without complicating controls for any newcomer. But, we were unable to convey this properly during the presentation, and because of earlier presentation running over time and ours being the last before lunch, we did not get much room to respond to the comments we got.

But, despite this we will be having a new brainstorming session on Tuesday about our unique selling point, see what more we can do and if there’s something we can do to make our game stand out more from the pack.

Finally, we like to leave you with our presentation trailer, and a first peek at, very early, alpha gameplay of Traveler.

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