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This post is dedicated towards our current graphical progress for Traveler. We're a group of game dev. students and this is the second post in our (sort of) weekly Dev. Diary series. Check it out!

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Dev. Diary v0.2 - Volumetric lighting

Hello everyone! We sort of failed our goal of getting a weekly dev. diary up, but we blame Easter, because it's clearly not our fault. Clearly. Nevertheless, we have soldiered on and we've made good progress on our build. And while it's still mostly greybox prototypes and placeholder objects, we have managed to get something substantial in the graphics department.

First up we'd like to give a shout-out to ourselves, or rather our writers who's put out a story serial for the backstory of the game running in eight parts on our Facebook page, go check the first part out!

But, the meat of this weeks Dev. Diary is in the volumetric lighting test our graphical artists have made, and it has motivated the rest of us to really up our game. It has really nailed the tone we wished to set for the game. The map in the video below is the introduction chamber of the game. It's not properly textured however, and the textures used are just placeholder ones from Unity. The assets are not all final, but they all show our desired look for the environment. Enjoy!

So, you might be wondering why the title of the video was terrible, and it's kind of a funny story, a hilarious one even. So, we planned on making an official YouTube account for the game to host videos such as this, but that plan is on hold at the moment as the member setting up our account figured it'd be a great idea to put the projects creation date as the birth-date. This made the account holder look like a toddler and it got our entire e-mail account suspended and our Google Drive associated with it as we were now too young to be allowed to have our own account according to Google's terms of service. Which is pretty hilarious when you think about it. So, the video is the internal one our graphical artist Jonathan sent us to show his progress, on his own private YouTube account.

Anyway, we've sent a picture of an ID of one of our members to Google and we hope they unlock our account as soon as possible. But hey, we got a funny story out of it!

UPDATE: We fixed our own YouTube channel now and updated the video to it.

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