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We would like to share our development process on a recent asset we have made for our ruins level. The Barrier.

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Hi All,

It has been a while since our last update. Things have been really busy the past few weeks at our day jobs, but things are beginning to settle down and we can dedicate more time to Project Grand Vault's development.

We are now working on fleshing out the Ruins level for our demo. As the player progresses through the ruins, certain paths will be open others, will be blocked by various means. Which brings us to one of the major assets we recently finished the barrier+emitter.

A source of inspiration for us was this memorable environment from the Phantom Menace. That energy based barrier that glows but is also transparent. Emitted by a mechanical apparatus.


We began by building out a structure for the barrier emitter, we already decided that the barrier itself would be a plane, with a complex material.

Concept Art will be added in an edit later today. :(

The original design called for a wall mounted side, but we altered it to make the asset more versatile, and it granted us more texture space. Plus, it allowed for more UV space which gave us freedom to not use symmetry.

-> The 2 unique sides work well when viewing 2 emitters from the front, since they have unique textures on each side.

BEHOLD! The Barrier Emitter.


The complex material we made for the barrier itself, is pictured below. It isn't actually all that complex, it uses 3 textures driven by panners. Then there are a series of multiple/add nodes to ensure they layer correctly as they are input into the Base Color, Emmisive Color, and Opacity.


Check out this quick screen recording of the asset in our proxy ruins.

Thanks for checking out our update for this week, comments and feedback are appreciated. :)

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