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This development diary includes a number of Fixes, new bugs and Several feature updates!

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Why hello there my Classy friends! Welcome to Development Diary Number 5!

Starting with our State of Grey Mode:

  • Overall System: 80% (Quiet the change from the last one eh?)
  • Detecting 3 mechanics to activate mode: 10%
    • Working on Switch detection
    • Switches activating via Parameter increase or decrease
  • Screen transfer: 100%
    • Screen fades to a grey background completely
  • Sound Effects: 80%
    • Need more creepier sound effects to finish it
  • Screen motions: 75%
    • Working on a wave motion
    • Shake Motion working
    • Flash Motion working
  • Leaving State of Grey mode: 0%
    • Working on Mind Puzzle to deactivate state of grey mode
    • Working on Physical effects
    • Working on mental effects
  • Detecting outside sources (Such as potions and other): 0%
    • Still need to deisng several potions
    • Need to add potion detection to turn off SoG mode
    • Need to adjust parameters to fix balanceing


  • Added Full screen mode
    • Full screen option avaliable in the Properties menu
    • Full Screen now fills with black border if resolution to large
    • Full screen mode now adjusts computer to this mode (For MSN and other software purposes)
  • Fixed story bug in beginning Causing You to get unlimited "Essence" potion
  • Fixed lantern lighting so it no longer lights up entire maps
  • Added Tourch light option for a harder style of gameplay
    • Tourch has a chance of being blown out
    • Tourch light is smaller than flashlight or lantern
  • Tweaked the tutorial System slightly for in game customization
    • Players can now select a light source to play with
    • KNOWN BUG: Selected Light source does not change in game light (yet)
  • Added several more parts onto Scene 1
    • several new maps by "Bee"
    • Storyline increased
    • Scene 1 nearing completion
  • Alpha Protocol systems implemented
    • With pre alpha sign up you can now be granted early access to a pre alpha (alpha before the Alpha)
    • Having a Access code is NOT required BUT those who obtain and use a access code get cool in game items and skins to play with
  • Mirrors are now fully workable
    • KNOWN BUG: Reflections can sometimes be bigger than mirror frame (tileset and character issue)
  • Volume Control Implemented and working
    • Volume control added to main menu
    • Test sounds are fully working
    • BUG FIX: Test sounds no longer overlap each other
    • Volume acctually Adjusts now.


Sadly thats all I have as of right now to report! Game wise!

Please take the tie to Explore our site! It's got a working Forums! And a Chatroom to enjoy! Thank you everyone for the support! Please leave us feedback! We love hearing from you!

~Skyline Interactive Team

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