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The First Dev Diary for the mod and first details of the mod

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Hello fellow mod fans! It's MTNNFF here and i'll write here the first dev diary of the mod.


As some of you may know (and most of you probably don't), the mod will start in the 1980s and will end in the far 2010s, so the ideologies are meant to fit those times (*cough* NO MORE 3 IDEOLOGIES SYSTEM OR UNREALISTICALLY BORING IDEOLOGIES *cough*). here's a list of the ideologies that are going to be in the mod:

-Conservatism (Parties such as The Conservative Party (UK) and CDU/CSU (Germany) )

-Social-Democratic (Parties such as The Labour Party (UK), SPD (Germany), and Parti Socialiste (France)

-Centrism (Parties that have Centrist Ideologies/Independent Parties)

-"American" Democratic (Will be used only in the USA, The Democratic Party)

-Republicansim (Same as the "American" Democratic Ideology, The Republican Party)

(i won't spoil out all the ideologies but get ready for one easter egg here ;D )

also, the player and the ai will be able to boost out other ideologies to befriend countries that don't have a popular ideology like your country,

EXAMPLE: West Germany boosts "American" Democratic while West Germany has Social-Democratic Ideology

the game won't always have the option of "befriending through ideologies", in some cases the leader of a specific ideology can be hostile to the country which boosted his ideology

EXAMPLE: USSR boosted Conservatism in France, but the Conservative Leader is a friend of USA and hostile to the USSR

That's pretty much enough for the dev diary!

See you in the next dev diary and have a good day! also if you'd like to see how the mod's is progressing or just to talk to me, make sure you joined my discord server

Bye from MTNNFF!

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