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In our latest dev diary we show what our dynamic terrain is capable of. In color and 3D (at least in the game) ;)

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Aaah, a new week, a new dev diary!
There's a lot going on behind the scenes again. Some of our artists have gotten new jobs and are busy making good impressions there, which is good for them but it's also hard for us as we need to again look for people who'd like to join the team, which costs time.
There were a few interesting things though this week.

  • Parametric rock destruction improved
  • Some new tweaks for our new 3D shader that doesn't need any UV maps
  • Stabilized terraforming algorithm for the Unity terrain

Terraforming is one of the most important features in Son of Nor. It's fun just standing there manipulating the sand all day long. And the terraforming feature was great, and it looked good when we only had small amounts of sand in a level. But it needed to be one piece of coherent terrain! Which really was not practical to distribute a lot of sand in a level. As soon as we started putting sand in more places, we ended up with basically 2fps max. :(
We managed to improve the terraforming and make it much much faster using some tweaks. Also, there can now be many small sand terrains that don't need to be in one piece and thus saving lots of unnecessary terraforming terrain computing power.
As always, there's a little dev diary about it. This one shows what the sand can do and how it behaves. All in color and 3D (at least in the game, not with glasses).

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