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In this update we talk about the new day/night system and dynamic weather system and how they affect the environment and AI behaviour.

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We have added some new features to Lord of Decay to enable more a dynamic and interesting experience. After a lot of testing and tweaking we're ready to share some more details.

Day/Night Cycle

We have added a day/night cycle that operates on an internal clock. The sun will rise and set and the moon will follow suit. The moon even follows regular phases according to a monthly cycle.

Apart from looking stunning, the time of day alters the behavior of people and creatures in the world and dictates the availability of certain quests.

You will find peasants going about their chores and daily life when the sun is high, but they will retreat inside and bar their doors come dusk. And for good reason.

Members of the The Holy Order of Tyrus will patrol the wilderness or stand guard in towns and villages during the day. At dusk patrols will return to their posts in towns and villages.

The sun weakens the undead so they are more likely to be encountered at night and in greater numbers.

There is also a higher chance of encountering creatures from the Void at night. This is because the Veil between realms is thinnest at night and denizens from the Void can slip through into the realm of the living.

Even the wildlife responds to the time of day. Most animals are active during the day and will sleep at night, but wolves will roam freely and hunt at night.

Dynamic Weather

As time passes the weather will change creating other dynamic behaviour. Morning fog might clear into a sunny afternoon or may give way to a fierce thunder storm.

The people will respond according to the current weather conditions and seek shelter if it is raining or snowing.

Gameplay Impact

By altering the environment and behaviour/variety of enemies in this way we create a constantly changing set of combat scenarios that encourage you to change your tactics.

This in turn opens more ways to play the game and allows you to define your own play style. There is no right or wrong way to play the game, but your success is determined by your selected skills, your preferred minions, the enemies you face and your ability to adapt your tactics.

This is good design as the player is now required to think about their approach and develop their skill level to tackle different combat situations instead of mindlessly mashing the attack button. Of course we're not going to stop you if "mashing attack button hack'n'slash" is more your style.

This also opens the way for some fun gameplay situations to emerge. For example, stumbling across a slumbering bear in a cave or breaking down the door of a hovel before you can harvest the souls of peasants huddling inside.

That's all for now.

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback and shared their thoughts on the forum so far. We value your input and together we are shaping the best necromancer game ever.

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