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A pretty quick and current Update development log of "State of Grey" Game!

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With this introduction of our 4TH! (WOO!) development Diary we are bringing to you a more user friendly zone, and the ability to set up properties! Oh yeah!

Changes and fixes:

  • Properties screen Introduced (F1 Key)(100% Complete)
  • Players now have full access to certain properties(100% Complete)
  • A Working Full Screen mode implicated (80% Finishes)
  • Ability to Mute Music, and Sound (Highly not recommended!) (100% complete)

Introducing! The ability to use a game pad to play State of Grey!

Overall status: 20% finished

  • Changeable via Properties menu (100% Complete)
  • Read and access USB input (50% Complete)
  • Check for button input (10% complete)
  • Assign Button control (5% Complete)
  • I/O for Gamepad system Overall (15% complete)
  • Version Support of Gamepads: Within the past 5 years or newer should work fine


  • A More intractable environment has been introduced
  • The First map system is FINALLY finished!
  • Working Tutorial System Introduced for new players
  • Alpha protocol for Alpha players is being implemented (15% complete)
  • Hidden secrets implemented on the first two maps
  • Hidden Secrets Overall: 2% Complete
  • Created a Potion for Sanity, and Fear to keep them higher to delay negative effects

Also Introducing the new “State of Grey” Sequence in game.

  • Player enters a State of Grey once 3 of the 4 (non lethal) parameters enter a “Low” or “Gone” state
  • State of Grey decreases player speed, increases hallucinations, and causes player to do self harm.
  • If monsters appear during state of grey sequence it will be extremely hard to evade him.
  • Hiding is near impossible during this sequence
  • If stuck in this sequence you have to solve a mental puzzle to leave it.
  • To leave the sequence pre maturely raising any of the “low” or “Gone” parameters will cause you to snap out of it (after 10 seconds)
  • Overall status of State of Grey Sequence: 1.5% (Sorry T_T)


  • Monster appear rate: tweaked by .2 % to increase his rarity slightly.
  • Ambience and noises added to the game
  • Noise effects play times increased by 15 - 25 (Or more) seconds to keep them from getting annoying.
  • tweaked the ambiance and overall stature of the game, to increase game play hype.
  • Fixed a few gameplay bugs that would freeze game on start up
  • Fixed a Error on accessing the Journal.
  • Fixed a Error on Note creation and completion.
  • Tweaking Journal system again to try and remove entries instead of causing them to merge with Found Notes.
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