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Second Dev diary of The Zombie Zone 2 development progress.

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Hello people,i bring new advances in the mod,let's go!.

New items and armors:

I remplaced the original foods and drugs with news,the icons are taked from Day Z.

New Items

New Armors

New Menu:

i changed the main menu,now look's more nice.

New Menu

New Inventory:

i added a background to the menu,and put icon's with transparency in the armor,mask,primary and secodary slots.

New Inventory 1

New Inventory 2

New Textures:

i added new textures to Monolith and new model for survivors (now humans not show zombie face,but well is a work in progress,i making this taking a model of ShoC and adding details like Survivor's Jacket,a problem is the compatibility).

New Textures

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