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This week we will go over the changes made to the environment to correct our physics issues. In addition we will talk about the designer line tool and the first attempt at the new system for selecting levels to play.

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If you recall from the last update, the game has been plagued by a bug where Kozmic would take strange bounces off the wall. This was due to the physics bouncing off one of the inside vertices on the collider.

When each level is built in Kozmic, for the basic blocks it uses the Sprite Batcher from Unikron to keep the draw and object counts down. This works out really well because a level that might have 700 blocks on it, will only take one draw call, which is huge for mobile development.

Anyway, because we need to use colliders for the walls the sprite batcher actually create a collision mesh for us. Unfortunately it was creating a box for each block as there was nothing streamlining the mesh building process. As a result, whenever Kozmic would go thru a floor in the physics engine (not visible to the eye) it would bounce backwards, making it look very unrealistic (not that this game is realistic).

I reached out to the guys at Unikron and they suggested that I try using the mesh builder algorithm for cleaning up vertices on their tile system. I was able to incorporate that and problem is now solved.

Level Designer

I had a lot of fun getting the line tool working this week. Level creation will be going faster with this new addition. Additionally, the infrastructure is now in place to complete the rectangle and sphere tools.

Below is a video of the line tool in action.

Level Selection

So for level progression for the game, I had this idea of having Kozmic travel thru the galaxy to different planets where the Little Blues have been captured. To do this i created a very simple navigation system in one Scene in Unity that will keep track of every level and every planet.

Here are the results:

Coming Up

Coming up for this week will be finshing up the level completion logic and scoring system. Also plan on buiding many levels this week too.

So that's it for today. Download the latest version here in the next few days to try it out.


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