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What of the parties? Will they have any change? And what role will they have in the mod?

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First of all I'd like to apologise for the inactivity, after the events thing I had several issues with Hearts of Iron, but it's as close as fixed as it's gonna be. Now, the parties.

We are still keeping the original four ideologies, and as far planned I do not intend to add additional ones. However, this does not mean I won't be adding sub-ideologies. Before I expand into that however, there's something that I should clarify.

The non-aligned party in most countries is now just a smallholders party, i.e. that isn't aligned with the Communists, Fascists or Democratic parties in a government.

Note: Due to the lack of Fascist parties after World War II, Nationalist parties will also become acting Fascist parties until I find something I can replace them with.

Leaders of parties and parties themselves will be accordingly replaced, for example, Clement Attlee and the Labour Party are now the Democratic party in the United Kingdom. They will however only be replaced from a certain time, so that the original parties can also remain.


Sub-ideologies as in, what form of Fascism, Democraticism, Communism or Neutrality are you? Currently, I have added a sub-ideology for Smallholders parties, and progressively I will add more as we go on.

Originally I had no idea what this article was going to be about, but hey, I had something, woo!

If there's any questions I'll be happy to answer them!


add a monarchist party(or royalist)

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