Post news RSS Dev-Diary #2 - Of Healthpoints and Throwbacks

Today we will tell you something about new things in our game and some problems we have encountered.

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"If you encounter a hindrance, don't worry, smite it!
If it throws you back in progress, don't worry, improve your invention!
Never give up, Ximena will grant you knowledge and power to overcome every problem"

-- Alesa, Highpriestess of Ximena

Hello again,

first of all, we are very sorry, that we didn't write something for so long.
But nonetheless, we want to inform you about the ongoing changes.

We have two major news for you.

First: we have built a health"bar" (more of a bubble, but hey, it's a bubbly bar) as seen below:

As the life of the player is depleted, the red stuff in it will lower itself (just like you all know it).

Now the second news: We encountered a big problem. Our game-engine is not as powerful as we thought (or it may be a problem with Java, who knows). So we decided to rebuild the game from scratch, but using another language.

I hope we progress fast enough to deliver some news and screenshots to you soon.

So long,

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