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During the development of the Ultra64 graphics mod for Turok 2 questions arise which i will try to answer within this small dev diary posts.

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People asked me what this mod will include, if all textures will be redone, especialy water and weapon textures. Generally the answer is yes, but i cannot promise it yet.
My current developement plan goes as follows:

Stage 1: Replacing all the world textures. This is the biggest stage, as there are tons of different world textures within this game. This includes also things like plants and mushrooms, but not weapons.
During this stage one beta release is planned, which will reflect how far i have come to that fixed point in time. I want to release that beta around the 4th of May, as i will have worked one month on the mod until then.
I hope to have done 90% of the textures from the worlds 1-4 until then.

Following that i will have to do worlds 5, 6 plus the flesh eater parts which may take a little more time as those metallic sci-fi textures will for the most parts need to be handcrafted, rather than be created from photos.

Concluding Stage 1 a major release will follow.

Stage 2: In Stage 2 i will try to replace the animated and weapon textures.
As i saw over on steam, someone is already working on a water animation, so maybe there's a cooperation possible.
Generally i will from this stage on accept people to join me on this project.

Stage 3: Adding addtional world details within the kex-editor.
So this stage can only start after the offical release of the level-editor.
I will try to clean up up the maps a bit and add things like additional vegetation and this sort of things.
Maybe it is also possible to generate higher resolution lightmaps from within the editor.

That where my thoughts for today, now i go back to work ;-)

Have the nicest day evarr
Wakey a.k.a. Grabeskuehle

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