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Perks change the way the game is played! HP recovery, immunity to crimes, free missiles?! Check them out here!

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Stats and Perks

During development it was requested that I added leveling system - and I wanted a perk system too! Putting these together gives the levels & perks system.

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Perks are where its at ;). They allow to you tailor your character's build to your strategy or playstyle!

  • If you are trying to get cash in Turf or Strategy modes, consider picking Negotiator or Charmer. In Turf Zero, grab Scavenger and "Blood and Money"!
  • If you are just buffing your character for combat pick HP Boost, Blastproof, Bullet Hell and Missiles from the Aether!
  • If you are conquering the AI Factions in the city you'll need The Art of Bull, and consider The Finest of Goons, Scorched Defence
  • If you are building a city from scratch then Small Town Mayor and Wide Focus come in handy!
  • If you hate the police grab CDF Connections to keep them away

You get a perk slots by increasing your allure. Your first perk with 1 allure, the next at 2, then 4, 9, 25, etc.

sp levelup
Perk Selection Screen

List of Perks:

  • HP Boost: Increases HP by 20%. This is a great early game perk, especially when you can stack 1 point into boosting HP for a total boost of 32 HP!
  • Blastproof: Reduces explosive splash damage received by 50%
  • Bullet Hell: Increases damage dealt by 10%. 'Nuff said.
  • CDF Connections: Gives limited immunity to crimes as described in this dev diary.
  • Scorched Defence: +1 Attrition to Enemies in your Bases. This makes your bases harder to take, and deals compulsory damage to attackers!
  • Negotiator: +25% Income from Missions. Very useful early-game in Turf and Strategy modes, and not to be snuffed in Turf Zero
  • Charmer: +20% Reputation Gain from all sources (Note: this will not increase exp. gain though)
  • The Art of Bull: +100% Aggression Decay. This perk is essential when playing in Strategy mode if you want to conquer reasonably quickly!
  • Wide Focus: +2 Bases. Situational, occasionally useful in building games. Normally you will increase your base limit by increasing your investment profit.
  • The Finest of Goons: +30% Attack/Defence for hired goon base defenders. Makes your bases last a bit longer during a Base Attack.
  • Scavenger: Killed bandits drop +500% more cash and have a chance to drop valuable items or additional cash drops. This perk is very useful in Turf Zero where you have to scavenge for money!
  • Missiles from the Aether: If you have a Rocket Launcher equipped you will receive a free rocket every 30 seconds (max 16). This perk is great if you really like rockets, but don't like paying for them!
  • Blood and Money: Killing a bandit heals you and nearby allies. Restores 5% HP. Killed bandits have an extra money drop. This perk is VERY useful in Co-op and when going on long bandit killing expeditions. It also stacks well with Scavenger!
  • Small Town Mayor: Get a ramping income bonus and a construction and lot zoning discount if the total world population is less than 1,000. Max +25% income bonus and 35% discount at 0 population. Another perk that is built for Turf Zero where it is hard to get off the ground
  • Residential Focus: +4 Residential Desirability. This boosts the income of OWNED, not Racketeered residential property.
  • Industrial Focus: +4 Industrial Desirability
  • Commercial Focus: +4 Commercial Desirability
  • Office Focus: +4 Office Desirability

Perks can be removed at any time for 30 reputation.

Finally, perks are moddable, see scripts/common/perks.lua for details.

Stats and Leveling

sp levelup
Blow up bandits for exp!

When you level up you get points that you can spend upgrading your stats. Leveling stats has very rapidly diminishing returns. For example, the first point in Con gives +10 Hp, the next gives +5, then +3 etc. So a player who dumps all their points into stats will be stronger, but not impossibly overpowered against a new player. Think of it as “prestigeing”.

You get 100 experience for each 1 reputation you earn. So completing a mission for 4.2 reputation will give you 420 experience. Until level 5 you get 1 point to spend on your stats, after level 5 you get 2 points per level.

You can also get experience from escaping the police or participating in a race!

Finally Bandits do have stats too. Bandits in bandit bases at higher levels will be stronger than at lower levels.

Bonus Building Stat Boosts

Bonus buildings also give you stat point bonuses. So it isn't all grinding! If you work together with friends you can unlock said bonus buildings earlier. I'll go into depth on bonus buildings later, but I will give an example below:

sp levelup
The cemetery gives +2 Atk/Def!

sp levelup
The cemetery placed

The cemetery gives +2 Attack and +2 Defence and can be unlocked by players killing 60 bandits in total, with a requirement that you kill at least 30. So you can work together with friends to unlock it faster!

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