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The early stage. I talk about the early stage of the mod and how you can give input.

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For the past two days I've put quite a bit of effort into this mod and got quite a bit done only to experience technical difficulties as well as licensing issues (my fault on that part) and have to scrap the whole thing. I'm glad I had to scrap it though, it's given me a chance to go back to square one and rethink how I want this mod to work and what I want it to have which has ultimately driven me to make a mod 10x better than the one I had begun.

There will be 6 in-game factions; The German Reich and 5 others that will remain unnamed for shock value. I cite "shock value" as the reason I plan on keeping the 5 factions and their particulars a secret until release for two reasons; 1) My style of comedy is one in which the humor is derived from the outlandish nature of the focus so if I released information early, the humor would become outdated and old by the time the mod was actually released. 2) I'm not sure how well the moderators and administrators of MODDB can take a joke and I don't want to risk my mod being taken down or me being banned long before it's even released.

What's on the agenda?

In the coming days I'm going to retexture and revamp all the factions, add in new faction leaders, lords and ladies, add in all towns, forts and villages, customize troop trees, add in a plethora of conventional and non-conventional items and customize dialogue.

I want the initial release to be as simple yet immersive as possible so players can get a good feel for the mod and give reasonable suggestions for additions or tweaks for future updates.

If it would be easier for you to submit suggestions via Discord or if you just want a relaxed place to hangout and have a direct line of communication with me, feel free to join the server:

Here comes the fun part!

I want input from you, the player, regarding things you want to see in this mod. Leave a suggestion in the comments below and if your suggestion gets popular enough or if I like it enough, I'll incorporate it into the mod.




As long as it's got old /pol/ memes (like Captain Sweden) and unique quest-lines, I'm good.

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Do you have the mod link?

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