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This article discusses what is this project about and the progress we had made. In addition, we want to discuss what's currently our future plans for this project.

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What's good everybody,

This is Rashad Patterson, Lead Developer on a new project currently called Project Anklebreaker. Project Anklebreaker is an Arcade Streetball game inspired by the history of street basketball and early 2000s streetball video games where scoring points isn't about what way to play, it's how stylish you do it. We wanted to make this game to help bring back interest and help revive a genre of sports games that aren't being made anymore.


This game is our college capstone project and is currently made up of three people. CSalazar712 (Cristian Salazar), our sound engineer and sound designer. Herbert Chillis, my co-game design lead and programmer. Lastly, I'm working on the game's design, programming, and 3D models for this project. We've accomplished a lot in the past few weeks in researching on how we want to execute this project. We originally were using Unreal Engine 5 for this and experimenting with Motion Capture Animation (mocap).

Unreal 5 Footage

However, due to time constraints when it came to learning Unreal Engine and importing mocap taking too long to implement and with little results to show, we needed to turn to better solution. We swapped game engines to Unity and let's say this is one of those time we were grateful for the switch. With implementation being a lot quicker and mocap data being easier to import and mapping to characters.


ProjectAnklebreaker Demo Environ

ProjectAnklebreaker Demo Environ 1

Don't worry about the naked guy T-posing, buddy is just our test dummy until we create a proper player model. Within a week, we have gotten a lot of progress done. We've created a new demo environment to test our game mechanics. Currently we got basic movement, the ability to pick the basketball, and the basic animation system. We encourage for people to give us feedback on how we can improve on this project as we continue to develop it. To do so, we're releasing our Prototype 1 Demo on both Files and our Github.


A long-term goal for our team is to get a polished demo level with a finalized player controller that allows the player to perform tricks and score the ball in simple 21-point game. It's going to be while until we reach that end goal, but we'll guarantee it'll worth the wait.

This our update for Project Anklebreaker and thank you for reading.



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