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Today we will talk about some new stuff in SoulThrone and a few changes in our Team

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"The Streets are empty, the faces are cold.
Only in Kyons temples there is laughter and happiness.
I will give myself to Kyon, so the streets will be filled with laughter and joy again.
Let the music play on the streets, banish the fear and the sorrow from your hearts.
Drink, eat, play and Kyon will strike joy and happiness in your hearts.
Don't let the false God in your mind or we all will be damned to a grey life of grief and sorrow!
-- Mon'Kar, Highpriest of Kyon

About Slimes

Today we managed to get our first enemy to follow the player around the map.
It is a pesky, little, slimey thing. A Slime.
He is not very intelligent, in fact he is dumb as a rock. He will follow you everywhere as long as you stay in sight.
But he can't hurt you (yet).

Our Slime in action

About Graphics

We are happy to announce that we have found a pixelartist to work with.
We like to welcome Spencer Sargent in our Team!
We hope to present you some of his graphics in the near future.

About Music

But it seems that we found another new team member: Bryan Wilson.

He will be responsible for the music in SoulThrone.
So we can not only present you awesome Graphics in our game, but also great music.

So long for today, hear you next time,

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