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This week has been a big week in development. Many new things have been added, and a lot of people have been let go.

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Background Information
The game was originally being developed in XNA for about two weeks. A lot was done, networking, all GUI, and even a bit of scripting. This all came to an end when we realized that XNA just wasn't for us. The programmers on the team come from a background of C++ using Irrlicht and Ogre3D, XNA was just too out there, and we decided to drop that project. For about another week we searched for new rendering libraries, Irrlicht Lime, MOGRE, and Tao were all great choices for us, but every one of these had one or more problems that we couldn't really see a cheap and fast workaround for, so we looked at game engines (primarily NeoAxis and Unity). One developer and I had a basic grasp of NeoAxis, but NeoAxis seemed like a child's toy when compared to Unity (in our opinion, of course). We began development in Unity, only to find out that our networking library crashed Unity, so we had just lost all hope on actually developing this game anytime soon.
Week 3:
So this week I have had to get a few people off the project. Whether it is personal problems, work quality, or even lack of work, 4 people have been taken off the project.
This just leaves me and my last 3d modeler/concept artist.

I have been talking to a man though who says his brother would gladly do concept art, for free, so I have been trying to dig deeper into this and see how good this man's brother really is.

On to development!
I have learned A LOT about Unity this week, and I think I will be able to develop features faster. The login system was reworked to use MySQL. I have also went along as to use Unity's RakNet RCP commands as networking for the game. I'm not used to working with RCP, but I have to say that it is pretty nice.
I ran into a few problems with my Unity GUI editor, so I had to reworked some bugs in order to do the rest of the menus, and I was eventually able to finish the main menu and the game lobby in a fairly short time.
I have run into some bugs with Unity though (or maybe it's just a design flaw). When I set a script's default reference, then attach that script to a newly initialized object, the script gives "reference undefined" errors, so I have to look into a way to solve that. I also fixed a bug where players could take multiple slots. Players were also not assigned the correct team, that was also fixed.

Next Week: Work on fixing the initializing bug.
Setup spawning for team 2.
Fix bugs found in Alexis.
And if there is time, implement a buddy feature.

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