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First Alpha version will be ready soon! Please follow our newest update!

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Hi, everyone.

In the last two weeks we focused on bug fixing for the first alpha build.

Most of the major bugs has been fixed, now the nature system, body system, item database, item management, item UI, crafting system, terrain generation and tree chopping system are all ready to function.

But the building system still has some very big issues need to be fixed and the body system also need some data-balance works to do.

We found our crafting system is a bit dull during the testing, and intend to redesign it, so the debug process for building system may be delayed until we finish the reconstruction of crafting system.

The new crafting system is still based on crafting techniques, and techniques are provided by items. The right hand item will be the main source of crafting techs, but some techs need both of your hands carrying certain items: like Chisel, requires an item with Chisel tech in left hand and Knap tech in the other one.

For now the crafting system is a bit confusing when players first get into the game, for there are several ways to acquire new crafting techs: taking items in right hand or left, empty hand and facing a certain item. Then you can use the tech to the item you're facing to or the one in your left hand, this may sounds realistic but we found it too complex and a bit chaotic for a game.

Therefore, the new crafting system introduces the crafting nodes on craftable items. Which you can see them directly from the item's model when your crosshair point at them. And you can point at one crafting node to use your tech on the node. Then the combination of different tech on each node will decide which product will be crafted from this item.

With this new crafting system we can only craft from a single item but not to combine different items into something new.

For this part we are going to make a bold move of creating a fully snap-based item combine system to let the players to create their own items by stick things together. And the combined item's property will be defined by the parts you put in.

So the new crafting and combining system is going to change most of the gameplay now we have, and need some time to accomplish. We sincerely thank you for your patience and support to our works, we are working as fast as we can and trying to make this game wonderful.

Free free to contact us through Facebook, Twitter and Steam.

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