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This weeks Dev Blog will be our final post before we launch on Steam. It covers the Steam details, Game Manuals, and upcoming content!

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Hello IndieDB Community,

We haven't posted a Dev Blog in about a week, but you'll be glad to know we're still alive!

In this Dev Blog we will be covering:
-Steam Launch
-Upcoming Media

STEAM Launch

Our original release date has been pushed forward 18 days to Friday July 31st 2015 on Steam. Although like any MMO we'll have a rocky start, but be sure to grab your copy while we feature a Launch Discount. Our page goes live sometime today or tomorrow, and ABD will be LIVE at 3PM on Friday.

FrankieOnPCin1080P, and 8 other YouTube celebrities will be joining us, as well as RockPaperShotgun. It should be an exciting launch! Can't wait to see you there!


Although ABD will not be immediately available in other languages, we will be adding as many as we can no later than September. Instead, to compensate for this, we've translated the following languages into our game manuals: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The manuals can be found on our Website, and they include a translation of game functions with supporting images so that you can get acquainted to the game if your primary language was listed above.

Upcoming Media

Today and tomorrow we will be capturing our Launch Trailer, which will be featured both on our Store page as well as on our old Steam Greenlight page. We will be keeping our Greenlight, Social Media, and IndieDB pages updated with the same information to retain transparency with our community. We will be posting another dev blog on Friday with our Launch Trailer, Screenshots, and further information that hasn't been made available before launch.

The website will also be getting an overhaul soon, with a proper forum and all the bells and whistles you might expect from a launched title.

Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, our launch might be a little rocky, this is a MMO after all; so many different bugs and issues can pop up! We will be Johnny on the spot over the next couple weeks to stabilize ABD, as well as be in very close touch with the community about comments and suggestions. You guy are literally the only reason we're doing this, this is your game, you get to shape it, and your suggestions will be taken seriously.

A huge thanks to the IndieDB community for hooking us up, and a big shout out to the developers both present and former on the G.A.M. Entertainment team. This has been an exciting ride, and we are nearing the midway point of our development process. So stay tuned, and we look forward to hearing your reactions!

-Robert Bonner
Creative Producer - ABD
G.A.M. Entertainment, LLC.

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