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TL;DR: Crouching, Soulpower, Sprinting, New Hider skill, seeker ragdoll.

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Hi all, I have been working on some new cool stuff!

The first thing that I finally implemented after watching a gameplay video of a youtuber getting stuck and not getting passed a door is crouching! Not only will the seeker be able to crouch but also souls will have the ability to be crouching which will get interesting to see how people will use the soul form to their advantage. :)

The start of Soulpower has begun! It was something we wanted to add in the game for quite a while now but have been dismissing it for more important features. This has been changed because I’ve implemented sprinting for both the seekers and the hiders, but as we don’t want to have people sprinting for the whole game we needed to have some kind of energy bar, hence the Soulpower.

A somewhat bigger feature I’ve added are 2 new game modes. The first play tests will happen very soon and I will write a bit more in depth about it then.

A new ability for hiders! This will be very fun to use in my opinion. What you will be able to do is haunt other non possessed props so they will have their own life for an amount of time.

Just a small update for you guys. Oh yeah, also. There’s this :


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