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The second dev blog of our EECS-P3 game, Sticky Situation.

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New Features:

Expanded Story:

We’ve added multiple cutscenes and an extended story to our level 2. This includes writing a dialogue script and reintroducing old characters. The story also serves as a way to guide players into making the right decisions.


We’ve also improved the overall ambience of the game; we recreated our lighting and many textures and model assets to enhance the aesthetics and improve overall theming. We also added in many more sound effects to give the player a better sense of immersion in our world.


We’ve tackled the final boss battle and made it so that it is not so easily beaten. Additionally, we improved overall scene transitions. We also continued to improve the core feature of our game which is the web; it now feels much smoother and easier to use, and more like a real web. Finally, we also went back and brushed up some of our existing puzzles to play more easily.


We decided to expand on our story in order to give the player a more immersive experience; we don’t want the player to figure out our mechanic, figure out our levels, then be done with the game; we want them to bond with the characters and feel a connection to the game.

The improvements made in aesthetics and theming were a crucial part of our work this week; these small tweaks provide a huge boost to the player experience, which is one of the core features we wanted to improve on this week.

We tackled our boss fight and puzzles so that the player has a much more exciting and enjoyable time playing our game.

Next Steps:

For the future, we would like to continue improving on our theming. We’d like to add more sound effects, improve the audio system, and the art. We would also like to continue exploring some of the mechanics in level 2, particularly the final boss fight.

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