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Fifth dev blog published on 25/03/18 for the upcoming mod Persistent Kingdoms.

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Dev Blog 25/03/18


A few new features have been added in the past week. We have also implemented most of the new weapons and horses. Balancing of all these new additions will be done in the following week.

Easy Show Pouch

It's now much easier to show your pouch to other players. Simply look at the person and click on the "Reveal money pouch to target" option in the "C" submenu.

Confirmation On Joining Commoners

When respawning, you will now have to confirm your choice to join commoners by clicking "1" again. This is to prevent faction members from accidentally switching to the commoners and losing their class.

Gold Looting Changes

Server owners will now have 2 new parameters that they can modify in the config file. The first one defines the percentage that commoners drop when killed. The second parameter defines the percentage of gold dropped when a person from faction A kills a person from faction B (when factions aren't at war). Team kills (A on A) don't drop money.

set_combat_gold_bonus 10 # gold drop on death percentage for commoners
set_round_gold_bonus 20 # gold drop on death percentage

[WIP] Music System

We've implemented the music system from the Tavern Animation Pack and FW. We're still not fully satisfied with it and might decide to rewrite it completely before the mod releases.

We've currently made lute and lyre available to all non-combat classes while the horn remains open to everyone. Spamming is obviously something we are trying to prevent while still keeping the items available to everyone. Unless we figure out a way to limit the usage we'll leave that to servers to enforce (higher prices, buying limitations, etc.).

You can currently choose between 4 lute sounds, 4 lyre sounds and 3 horn sounds.

New Horses

We'll be adding new horses to increase the diversity and refresh the mod. Here are two examples:

New Weapons

New one-handers, two-handers and polearms have been added to the mod. Balancing will be done in the following week. Here's a few polearms:


  • [ADMIN] New option: Admins can now join any faction through the administration menu.
  • New castle names have been fully implemented. You can find them here.
  • New banners have also been fully implemented. You can find them here.


Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:

Posted images don't include the new graphical changes or banners. All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.


Phoenix Dev Team


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