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Dev blog 2 on 05/31/2017 New pictures, road map and more!

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Heyyy sup yall!
Dev blog 2 here! I am planning to do these on regular bases, sometimes on the BI forum and sometimes here to keep it even between communities.
So we finished the Stahl helm and even more then we thought, as I am typing this Brent is actually texturing the Gewehr 1898 and has already done the wood stock and it looks sweet.
Yesterday evening Brent and I started designing the French uniform and we made some good progress on it we paused it for a bit to start working on the helmets and finish up the G98.
We also have discussed some more on the road map and I hope we can finish it today. The reason it takes a bit longer is because we are making it into a fancy image.
What I can tell is that we are doing it in chapters, so chapter 1 will have 5 content releases which are all named.
Chapter 1
Release 1:The Start
Release 2: No Man's Land
Release 3: Fire In The Hole!
Release 4: Rapid Fire
Release 5: Take Command!

And this will be the same for Chapter 2.
The reason we did it like this is to make it easier for us, we are still a 2 man team and cant work on a lot of things at the same time.
The content releases are not always the same amount, I have specifically looked at how much time each release might take and ordered like that. The names has to do with the content that will be released in it which you will have a look at soon.

Also if we would have more man join our dev team we could make the releases bigger and faster obviously so if you know some one or that some one is you please make contact with us if you would like to help and make this mod great again!

Thanks for reading!


Amazing work fellas, For a two man team the amount of detail and incredible work being showcased is unbelievable. Just from the previews , you're work is even comparable to 'Verdun' in that the quality level is superb , Do keep it up gents!

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hellceaser2 Author

Thanks a lot man! Really appreciated!

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