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A new update to the game as I work towards releasing a free demo.

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The latest build includes the new Stamina System, some changes to dungeon information, balance tweaks, and some bug fixes.

New stuff

  • Stamina System
    • Using special attacks (dash and smash) and blocking uses stamina
    • Different weapons use stamina in different amounts
      • Hammers use less stamina for a smash attack, but more for a dash attack
      • Axes use less stamina for a dash attack, but more for a smash attack
      • Swords use a moderate amount for both special attacks
    • Eventually stamina will be used to allow the character to sprint as well
    • Stamina can be recovered by standing still and not attacking or blocking
    • Stamina is used up the longer you hold a block. Running out of stamina makes your block ineffective
  • Dungeons (this includes caves, mines, sewers, etc.) now display the total number of monsters left in the dungeon. To clear a dungeon, all of the monsters must be destroyed.
  • Balanced hit points of monsters, especially monsters that are higher level than the player. Mostly this was a reduction in total hit points for monsters.
  • Added text to the Assign Miner quest to make it clear you have to leave the mines first
  • The spin attack animation is now only used as a finishing move, rather than a standard attack

Bug Fixes

  • The Metalworker will always path correctly to his work station
  • You can no longer attack while jumping

Stamina UI and new Hotbar Look

New Dungeon Stats


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