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Welcome to the first dev blog! This is planned to be a monthly thing. I hope with it I would be able to give enough information of the state that the project is in. So without further ado here's the first one.

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So as some of you know the project was started at the end of 2012. Back then it was a game being made with the FPS Creator. After some time the game changed to Unity 3D. The decision came from the fact that FPS Creator is very limited.
After the change work began. It took us a lot of time but we had the basic functionality done and the first prototype was born. So in September I uploaded a few screenshot of how it looked. So at that point we had the basics but I wanted it to be more of a survival game. So work began on a lot of systems.
When they were done the second prototype was done. From what I can remember it was around the 7-th of May this year.
If you remember after that I didn't give any updates or upload any screenshots.
So here's why:

  1. After the second prototype I began work on a few systems which for me in the end didn't live up to what they were supposed to be.
  2. Most of the system were very basic. So I had to find ways to advance them in some ways.
  3. Lack of models. This is still an issue to this day!
  4. Lack of people that are on the project. Right now there are 2 people that are working on the project.

So this brings me to the third prototype. This one is the best one but for now it's very basic. This is because everything was re-made! There's not a single script that's the same. Here's a few things which are added:

  • Survival System. Most of the things with it are more over the same. The biggest difference from the last one is the fact that there is stamina added.
  • Inventory. It's finally done. You can now pick up food, water and medical supplies. In the past when you found some you had to use them right away or leave them there. Now that problem is solved!
  • Crafting. This is still being worked on but the basics are in. Right now you can craft stuff that will be used for base building. For example a tent, which will be a save point. Also a campfire which will be used to cook. In the future the list will be bigger but for now that's everything that's in this prototype.
  • AI. One of the biggest problems in the previous prototypes was the enemy. It got stuck in places and was over all buggy. Now it uses pathfinding and is way better then before.
  • Aiming Down The Sights. Another thing that wasn't in previous prototypes.

All of this new features came at a cost of many others.

  • Multiplayer
  • Footsteps
  • Crouching
  • Day-Night Cycle
  • Vehicles
  • Melee System(Technically not true. There is something being worked on but for now it's not in.)
  • Bullet Shell Ejection
  • Pushing Objects

All of those things were removed but I hope that by the end of the year I would be able to remake them and then add them. The only feature that won't be worked on in the near future is multiplayer. Back when I set out to make it I wasn't very confident I could do it. Back then there weren't many features and I was still a beginner at programming. So multiplayer was going to be a big leap! What came out of it was educational for me in many ways. But if you look at it for what it was supposed to be it was an epic fail. So for multiplayer to be even considered in the future we'll need to have a solid singleplayer experience!

Features aren't the only thing that determine the prototypes. Some of the big things are the backstory and setting of the game. This are things that are always looked and changed as much as possible. Many of the changes are made so the project can be more unique. After all who wants the same thing rehashed.
So right now we've got an idea what the game should be, but it's barely developed. Once we have everything sorted out we'll share it.

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